Project 1: David Jones 'Pride In Diversity'

David Jones, Australia's biggest retail client, wanted to participate in the 2016 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Determined to do the community and the brand justice, we tackled the issue of diversity in the workplace and society through a film, social and an activation. 
It earned us a Cannes Lion nomination.


We created our campaign around Australia's first transgender diva and a former employee of David Jones, Carlotta. By sharing her story we meaningfully discussed gay pride.


Carlotta dressed the windows and we shared her inspiring transgender story in the iconic Sydney David Jones windows and instore.

Carlotta hosted an instore event that took over four floors of the flagship Sydney store. 

We created dialogue around transgender rights and had incredibly positive engagement.

Art Direction by Sam Curcio @ TBWA and Creative Direction by Russ Tucker @ TBWA.


Project 2: Mastercard 'Heaps Easy Wins'

Mastercard cardholders have access to a huge range of offers and benefits, but the majority of cardholders don’t know it. The even bigger issue is that most people with Mastercards don’t realise they have them. For this brief we were not only tasked to get people to identify they had a Mastercard, but to redeem offers and redeem them overseas. So we created a campaign that targets holiday-makers from the time they're about to start an adventure. 


The campaign has just launched in Christchurch (the first of three locations), find the site here.

Art Direction by Rob Masterson @ TBWA and Creative Direction by Steve Hanzic & Nev Fordyce @ TBWA.


Project 3: Carousell launch

Working with the Asia Pacific PR agency of the year, Eleven PR, we pitched for youth Buy and Sell app Carousell and won it. Then the budget increased tenfold. So we created a brand campaign (with OOH, YouTube pre-rolls, bumper ads and social) and a PR campaign (with a Facebook Live influencer activation) to launch the brand into the Australian market. Two weeks in and the targets were smashed.


Art Direction by Isabella Fitzgerald @ TBWA and Creative Direction by Russ Tucker @ TBWA.


Project 4: David Jones 'Watch This Space'

With the ease of online shopping and the accessibility of fast fashion, the youth market (18-25 year olds) don't consider a traditional department store among their shopping destinations.

Using insights from my editorial background in fashion and lifestyle, we created a film, digital hub and social strategy featuring emerging talent from art, film, dance, music and sport in the latest collections. We authentically engaged with and fostered the talent (we promoted our music talent during ARIA Awards week) allowing true engagement with the youth market.

Check out the micro-site here.

The trailer

Read the interviews here.

Read the interviews here.

The film

The campaign was such a success that we even added new artists to our line up to promote during the ARIA Awards week.

The campaign was such a success that we even added new artists to our line up to promote during the ARIA Awards week.

Art Direction by Radge Ratsaphong @ TBWA.


Project 5: David Jones 'Christmas 2016'

This season was the launch of the new brand positioning 'One Name: Endless Possibilities'. To illustrate the extensive selection at David Jones, we created five hero shots based off the lines and used these on billboards, OOH, windows, print and digital.

Art Direction by Jasmine Holm @ Maud and Creative Direction by Toby Norris @ Maud.